Processing center service

For a complicated monetary calculations require competent and high-tech solution. The company Payin-Payout.net offering clients services processing center.

We provide professional assistance in the organization of financial flows from senders to recipients. Used technological solutions allow you to implement modern demanded by the market competitive products in real time.

What is the processing center and why you need it

The processing center is a high-tech automated system that performs the processing of payments in the field of electronic Commerce. In the role of the processing center is a legal entity or its structural subdivision.

Its main objective is providing online shopping features to accept payments with bank cards.

Functions of the processing center are:

  • regulating of transfers (in particular, plastic cards);
  • creating the conditions for effective interaction between participants calculations;
  • security and transparency of cash flow.

Processing center also coordinates transactions between the credit card holder, bank card Issuer, the bank-acquirer (authorizing transactions) and Your Internet store.

Our offer

We offer:

  • processing centers not only for Russian users, but for users in Europe and the CIS;
  • online and offline methods of work;
  • large variety of payment scenarios, including alternative schemes;
  • efficiency of all operations;
  • the ability to use the service in the shortest time (on the day of submission of the application).

How to become a client processing center Payin-Payout.net

To become a customer Payin-Payout.net you must agree to the offer and go through the technical integration. After this, You will have access to all services provided by our processing center.

The cost of the service processing center

The cost of our services is calculated based on the turnover of the company. Depending on the size of interest rate for transactions can range from 1.8 to 3 %.

If You are interested in processing, You can get more information from our managers. Ask your question using feedback form or call us on +7 (499) 705-66-04.