Input methods

Payin — 1-click payment

Don’t make your clients work hard. Save all or some of their payment information in HTML.

Required fields: mobile phone, email, and payment details. This way, you can simplify the payment process and improve conversion marketing.


Open price

Ruble voting, mass payments, payments for freelancers and other artists, donations, adding any amount on your account.

There are no lack of options.

The one thing they have in common is the client decides the amount.


QR code

Markets should offer simple solutions to smartphone users. Another great option for making payments with us is through. QR code

All you do is scan the code, and you’re taken instantly to the checkout page. What could be easier?

Put the code on printed material, post in on Instagram, or your website.

We guarantee that your payment will go off without a hitch. :-)


Shortened links

Shortened links are a great tool for companies using social media. Send invoices using our shortened link service for Twitter, Facebook, and other social media.

iframe panel

Put our billing panel directly on your website, and let us take care of the rest. It’s easy for you, the client, and everyone.


Create invoices and send it by sms or e-mail. Customer will receive a link to pay your invoice.


Payin CMS modules

If your site uses popular CMSs and you are interested in our services, then consider our ready-made modules. And if none of our modules fit your needs, we’ll develop a custom one for you.

AppStore Google Play
Битрикс241C Bitrix
InSales API

SDK for mobile apps

We have a whole library for iOS and Android mobile apps. All you need to do is install it in your app. Maybe you are thinking about how the App Store blocks payment from within applications, but how we deal with that is our little secret.

If you register with us, we will share it with you!

Payin API

Our payment gateway allows you to merge payments directly with your mobile app, website, or any other content.

The API makes it possible for you to choose your preferred payment methods and enter additional information. In most cases, payments can be carried out without ever leaving your website. But there are still some payment methods that require an external client authorization. Typically, this happens when Internet banking is used. In these cases, you can have the client bypass your payment page and go straight to their bank’s website. Download

Tools for mass withdrawals

Web form

Simple, concise, and intuitive interface for mass payments.

Web form. Account withdrawals

CSV file payments

We understand what our clients need most. You can download your payments in a CSV file, or you can divide, copy, and paste them over to us. If the total paid is higher than what was charged, the system automatically generates a price breakdown.

Payout API

Payout payment gateway. We won’t bore experts out there with any explanations. We’re all on the same page with what this service is. Download