Partner Program
Partner Program

PayIn-PayOut Partner Program

The present document is intended for potential partners operating in the U.S., Europe, CIS countries, and the Baltic States, which are interested in starting their own lucrative business or adding a new revenue stream to their current business.

The benefits

  • Become a partner of the system on favorable terms
  • Take care of your clients with the most up-to-date sale and payment systems
  • Start earning with us today

P.S. The average added income for new partners is over USD 30.000 per month

We provide

  • Technology the market depends on
  • An innovative payment system that can be tailored to fit the needs of your region
  • Manager training in our company training center
  • Full technical support for our clients and partners

A word on PayIn-PayOut

  • Founded in 2005
  • Serves more than 7,000 clients across the globe
  • Handles more than USD 15.000.000 in payments every month
  • A leader in the market for innovative sale and payment systems for online and offline businesses

Our products

  • Mass payments to employees and partners
  • Points of sale for services (mobile phone service, utilities, goods, Internet service, and more)
  • Acceptance of payments for retail and service outlets (bank cards, e-money, world wire, and more)
  • Unique solutions for online and offline retail stores

Types of partnerships

We offer several different types of partnerships depending on the nature of your business.

Reseller — Entry-level status that allows individuals or legal entities to sell our products and services.

Distributer — A wholesale or retail partner with a highly organized sales structure that might even hold exclusive rights for the sale of certain products and services in a given area.

Franchiser — A type of partnership where PayIn-PayOut grants a partner the right to use their name and image, including their trusted business model, in exchange for paying royalty fees.

Potential clients for partners

Potential clients can be companies or individuals from various industries, including

  • CPA agencies, Forex, multilevel marketers, internet stores, small and medium-size retailers, taxis, international financial organizations,
  • construction workers, advertising agencies, BTL agencies, insurance companies,
  • educational institutions, logistics companies, HoReCa, private security companies, deliverymen, and more.

These types of businesses are the main users of PayIn-PayOut services, but the list is not exhaustive. You can find interested companies in almost any industry.

Partner Program

Depending on the type of our partnership and your performance, our partners receive the following benefits:

Partnership conditions Types of partnerships
Reseller Distributor Franchiser
Legal entities + +
Initial fees International: €0.30 per region population
Office Office set up in the style of PayIn-PayOut’s visual brand
Monthly income from sales volume 0.3%
or difference between the charge
or difference between the charge
Percentage of company profit in the region 30%
Access to active regional client list Yes
Use of an automated CRM system* Optional Optional Required
Use of corporate phone services Standard fees up to 20% off standard fees Free
Usage rights for corporate postal services Optional Optional Required
Employee training + + +
Marketing support (roll up banners, advertising materials, and more) Participation based on individual agreement Free Free
Financial support for participating in seminars Participation based on individual agreement Participation based on individual agreement
Advertising support (mass media, TV, outdoor advertising, and more) Participation based on individual agreement Participation based on individual agreement

* Use by franchisers and distributers is required

Partner sales tools:

We have developed special tools for our partners that can help close sales deals in 90% of all cases:

  • a sales matrix for different kinds of businesses;
  • price quotes;
  • negotiation scenarios;
  • advertising materials;
  • work schedule with exceptions shown.

Area of commercial activity

After a partner has passed the training and become certified to work with PayIn-PayOut, they must sign an agreement to receive an official certificate authorizing their commercial activities. The agreement is drafted to reflect where the partner will be selling our products and services (area of commercial activity). The area is articulated in the agreement the partner signs. The area is registered in the contract; there might be an overlap between partners’ territories.

How do I become a partner?

Road map for Resellers and Distributers:

  1. Pass the training seminars in PayIn-PayOut’s training center;
  2. Pass the product knowledge test;
  3. Register your personal account (use the link, fill in all the required information on your company and double-check its accuracy;
  4. Submit your identification number to the relevant staff member (see Account – My Profile)
  5. Print and sign two copies of the partnership agreement (individuals excluded), make copies of all necessary documentation, double-check for accuracy, and submit them;
  6. The signed agreement is finalized, and the new partner receives the certification documentation for commercial activities.

Road map for Franchisers:

  1. A potential partner makes their interest known to PayIn-PayOut.
  2. PayIn-PayOut sends out a form and a presentation with general information about the company.
  3. The client meets the PayIn-PayOut team in their offices to sign an NDA.
  4. Evaluation of the partner’s business standing (office photos, employee resumes, legal entity documentation checked).
  5. Contract signing and provision of all necessary documentation for the new partner.
  6. Registration fee paid.
  7. Office preparation (employee recruitment and office redone according to the PayIn-PayOut visual brand, registration in the system
  8. Training and examinations administered in the PayIn-PayOut company training center.
  9. Receipt of certificate for commercial activities.
  10. Official franchise opening.

Our partners include

Taxi Master
Taxi Infinity