We offer two ways of accepting payments


An invoice is sent to the customer’s phone number or email address.
It can be paid any way they choose.

Schema E-invoicingSchema E-invoicing


You have received Invoice No. XXXXXX-XXXXXX for the amount of RUB XXXX.XX from Dandelion and Co store. To pay at a terminal, click on our payment button and enter the invoice number and amount. To pay using Internet banking, a bank card, or e-money, please use the link.


Direct account funding

Customers can use any pay terminal to add funds to your wallet. All they have to know is your wallet number in our system. Payments are identified using the customer’s phone number or any other code made up of numerical characters.

Direct account funding for terminal

Direct account funding for terminal

Account funding. You identify payments by their invoice number and clients by their phone number.