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Private label

Private Label. Our technology, your brand. Need we say more?

Well, perhaps just a few more details.

  • We offer SAAS cloud solutions.
  • We take care of the technical side of things. You can connect your own payment methods and providers, or you can use ours.
  • The system will be set up in your domain. You can still customize the look of the pages and apps, but the elements cannot be repositioned.
  • You will have access to all system functions, mobile apps, and the API.

Our services allow you to

  1. Accept payments for any retail or service outlet through various methods.
    • Cash: our own terminals and checkouts, and those of our partners.
    • Non-cash: digital wallets, and Internet banking.
  2. Make payments to a number of mobile network carriers, money transfer providers, utility providers, traffic police, and other governmental agencies.
  3. Sell products and services through any application on self-service terminals, or on mobile and web apps.

    The module allows you to sell a wide range of electronic and physical content.

    • service management (change your payment plan, request information, etc.)
    • sale of goods and services (insurance, tickets, entertainment services, lotteries, advertising products and services on various supports).
  4. The reseller module the software uses makes it possible to create an unrestricted affiliate network with automated profit distribution to all parties.

The system allows for the use of two modules, b2c and b2b.

  • The Wallet for Individuals is a comprehensive service that allows money to be deposited to and withdrawn from a digital wallet. You can also pay for a number of services and transfer money to other system users.

An internal money transfer system between wallets allows you to send money anywhere in the world, as long as you have the customer’s phone number or email address. The recipient receives an email or SMS notification, whereupon the money in the wallet can be transferred to any bank card in the world.

  • This software is also fully functional for legal entities looking to develop e-commerce projects, regardless of the size.

The system supports an unlimited number of currencies and languages. It also lets you adjust the exchange rates with data binding to various sources, including central and local banks, stock markets, and others.

Technical advantages


Outbound and inbound gateways can process payments through multiple channels simultaneously, both through existing payment systems (any systems having connection protocols), and under direct contracts, which include providers that do not have a connection protocol. The system supports manual setting of payment routes, and can configure them both manually and automatically.

Example: Payments are accepted for Vodafone, a mobile network carrier, through different payment system gateways. If there is a queue of payments in one gateway, the system will automatically switch to another. This increases the transaction quality of accepting payments.

  • A separate agreement is required to connect to a version of the system that supports the specifics of accepting payments through banks (support for the chart of accounts, banking system compatibility, etc.)

Payment options

The system supports three payment options.

  • Direct account funding via a personalized button. The user chooses from a list of predetermined providers, enters identification information, and makes the payment.

The provider can verify the payment online and retrieve any missing data. For example, a user can enter an account number and receive the missing data and payment amount information from the server in response. They are then free to make their purchase.

  • Direct account funding via an aggregate button, the provider’s number in the system and the user’s mobile phone number identifying the provider and the user.
  • E-invoice. The provider uses the system to invoice a client based on their phone number or email address.

The client pays the invoice using any method, including their digital wallet, a bank card, a terminal, or at a mobile phone retailer.


The system has a number of b2b and b2c applications

Mobile apps for individuals (wallet)

Add funds to your wallet using any payment method, pay for services, and order money transfers. Platforms supported: iOS, Android.

Mobile cashier apps (merchant acquiring)

Accepting cards and certain types of digital wallet SMS payments for points of sale. Platforms supported: IOS, Android.

CRM and CMS applications

These allow users to send invoices for orders over various systems, send money to customers, partially refund orders, and much more.

Web applications

Customizable layout for the desktop and mobile versions of a webpage.

Self-service terminals running Linux.

This OS lets support staff log onto the terminal remotely. It does not have any freezing issues or use any watchdog timers, and also remotely upgrades equipment software.

It is worth noting that terminals do not provide change, but there are options to automatically credit any excess amount tendered towards the user’s mobile phone account or digital wallet (which can be created automatically).


A fully functional data exchange protocol and the option to integrate services with the external software of your choice.

Don’t forget!

The system can be customized to accept payments in any country.

Options for customization include:

  • Accepting local currency;
  • Support for several languages on the payment terminal interface;
  • Printing receipts (as required by national law);
  • Tweaking the system to support terminals equipped with a cash register (if required by local law);
  • Developing payment gateways for local payment recipients;
  • Compatibility with the banking system as required by user country, Support for accounting operations as required by the national chart of accounts (if necessary).

Document automation

The system automatically creates accounting documents and supports a large number of templates for export into accounting software.

Pricing and Packages

The service is provided as an SAAS cloud solution and does not require customers to purchase any servers or other equipment.

One-time payment

Installation and customization of the system according to the customer’s appearance specifications *

Service Cost
Mobile apps 3 000 USD
Self-service terminals 3 000 USD
Web apps in the customer’s domain 2 000 USD
Connect to the supplier’s gateway ** 1 000-2 500 USD
Connect the provider to an existing gateway ** 20-250 USD

* Making changes to the color design, logo, styles. You cannot change functions of buttons, or interfaces.

** Depending on gateway complexity.

Monthly payments

Service Cost Note
Our providers 3 000 USD Rates for providers on the “Svoi Ludi” (“In Gathering”) payment plan
Customer’s providers 0,1-0,5% Depending on provider category