Is it possible to combine the two services for one company?

Yes, you can.

Can it be attributed to expenses ​​payments?

Yes, you can.

Contracts are maximally convenient for partners (VAT / without VAT) with a complete set of documents through the accounting department.

Companies with what residency can use our services?

Companies which are registered throughout the world.

What is the business wallet?

This is account for our business partners, where you can take the money and make payments.

Are there any restrictions on transfers?

Service PAYIN — restrictions upon receipt of funds from the terminals and electronic purses — one payment of not more than 15,000 rubles. Plastic cards have no limitations.

Service PAYOUT — restrictions on transfers on all systems:

One payment — no more than 15,000 rubles.

Additional restrictions on the cards:

Total payments on one card per day — no more than 75,000 rubles

Total payments on one card per month — no more than 600,000 rubles

As well, Webmoney has its inherent limitations to receive funds from external media.

When you use the Service PAYIN — how often payments are made to the account of a partner, bank cards and other systems, and how does it happen?

Money is transferred at a desired frequency of a partner. Minimum amount — 5000 rubles. Partner makes a request for transfer of funds. Money is coming the next day.

How to recharge business wallet using the Service PAYOUT?

We give invoice to a partner for payment under the Agreement. The money is credited to the business partner’s purse immediately, as soon as it comes to our account.

How quickly is the money credited to individuals using the Service PAYOUT?

On electronic wallets and mobile phones money is credited online. 70% of the banks do it online on the cards, the remaining 30% do it for 1-3 days.

Is the «status» of payments seen (reflected) in business purse?

Yes, the status of each payment is reflected in the system online.

If money is sent by mistake, can it be returned?

You can get the money back when:

  • Mistakenly sent to mobile phones
  • Transferred on the over limit Webmoney purse
  • Money is back into the business partner’s wallet

When an error is in the details of the recipient money can not be returned sending it to other systems

How to start a relationship?

Send us information about the company and request a connection.