Acquiring for entrepreneurs and individuals

Transactions with customers using bank cards are now available to everyone! If you have a small business, but you also want to keep up with the times — use the service for acquiring for entreprineurs from Payin Payout!

Do you sell products or provide services? Do you promote your business online? Then you just need a service instant payment using a credit card! Acquiring for entreprineurs helps to increase the turnover almost doubled in the first month. In addition,thanks to online calculations, you can:

  • save on maintenance and cash collection services,
  • get rid of the risks arising from the use of cash,
  • monitor the activity of customers and generate a database.

Acquiring for individuals — more opportunities, less bureaucracy!

Do you have a bank card, and are you actively using acquiring for individuals? To empower calculations using «plastic», as well as electronic purses will help Payin Payout.

This service is increasingly in demand, as a growing number of bank customers prefer non-cash payments, as well — the number of stores operating online. Agree — it is more convenient to shop and perform other calculations at once, without further ado and bureaucratic difficulties!

Services of Payin Payout — a way to keep up with the times, to use all the advantages of digital technologies in everyday life. Thanks for individuals acquiring you can:

  • shop without leaving home;
  • eliminate the need to store and carry cash,
  • avoid the risks associated with counterfeit bills.

Payin Payout company offers professional services to implement this system for entreprineurs and individuals. We will help you to organize a system of electronic payments quickly and without hassle.