Payments by bank cards (Visa/MasterCard)

Modern level of financial settlement system includes convenient and secure banking payments. Payin-Payout.net offers options of payments by bank cards for individuals and legal entities.
The purpose of our work is to create the conditions for sending and receiving money as comfortable as possible form for the user.
Payments  by bank cards (Visa/MasterCard)
The essence of payment systems by credit cards is a special program that allows:

  • to make transfers using this type of electronic wallet;
  • to pay or accumulate resources through payment systems by bank cards;
  • to exclude cash turnover;
  • to ensure complete safety of the funds in the transfer process.

Payin-Payout.net recommends its own service based on payment systems by bank cards. Its advantages are:

  • using the payment system on the actual day of treatment;
  • payment options scenarios;
  • documentation of all actions;
  • reliability and security of solutions.