Payment platform is a system that collects, processes and transfers financial information, processing and performance of payment. It unites the participants of electronic trade and different payment systems. Such software-based complex often has additional functions that make it easy the performance of typical operations of electronic commerce. Usage of the platform will let build principally new payment system and implement software of this system in existing project or in web-portal. This platform lets provision with functions of payment any services working with financial streams via internet. There is an opportunity to use various DBMS to create data stores.


The majority of payments net are mainly presented by bank cards. So the main opportunities of the platform are aimed at work with internet- acquiring. Here are used certain functions needed in accepting payments from bank cards:

  • Partial write-off of the sum that has gone through authorization;
  • Cancelation of authorization/purchase;
  • Authorization;
  • Refund after clearing operation;
  • Partial refund;
  • Purchase;
  • Recursive payment.


Payment platform doesn’t have special requirements towards software or doesn’t have technical limits and can be used in all fields of business to accept finances and to organize multiple payments. More over this system can work via web-interface or via API.

Our company works with such well-known and reputable platforms as Rapida, X-Plat, PayU, LiqPay, RuRu etc.



Data storage provides service of all payments operations and authorization of users in the system. De-facto it is isolated from interface of the payment system. User account remains confidential. Implementation of additional mechanisms of operations’ confirmation and user’s authorization is possible. Payment operations are done in secured mode.


Implemented technology of procession and storage of the data allows having good measures of productivity with intensive usage of internet-systems. The number of simultaneous operations does not affect the work of a single user of the same payment platform. There is an option to perform instaneous or postponed payments.


If there is the need then new servers can be added to the data storage or single servers can be united into one net. Such system can be used as supplemental or as main ABS (automated bank system). More over unlimited amount of payment tools and methods can be created.


Access to data is got via unified interface. Payment functions are available via various interfaces: personal computer, cell phone, special gadget (terminal). You can use different currencies. There are options of several languages in the interface. The base set includes all necessary operations, development and implementation of additional functions can be done as needed.

The company offers modern innovative internet solutions to manage your business.